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Yellowtail tataki with buckwheat noodles

The Greenroom recipe

Yellowtail tataki with buckwheat noodles
and powdered dressing

Recipe by Peter Tempelhoff's from The Greenhouse restaurant  

Serves 4



120g Yellowtail, skinned & trimmed of bloodline


10ml vegetable oil

20ml teriyaki sauce

Immerse the yellowtail in boiling salted water for 5-7 seconds then transfer to ice water to cool and stop the cooking. Remove from the water and pat dry, season with salt, vegetable oil and the teriyaki sauce. Sear on very high heat for 3- 5 seconds per side, it needs to take on a charred taste in this amount of time. Place seared fish on a tray to cool then wrap in cling film and reserve till needed. Slice about 3mm thick pieces with the cling film on, remove the cling film before it goes on the plate.


Wasabi Panacotta

50ml cream

1 leaf of gelatine, bloomed in ice water and wrung dry

20ml prepared wasabi

100ml crème fraice


Add the cream to a pan and bring to the boil, stir in the gelatine off the heat until it is completely melted. Mix the cream mixture into the crème fraîche as well as the wasabi and salt to taste. Place the panacotta in a small mixing bowl and allow it to set in the fridge. Before use, whisk the panacotta until smooth and serve.


Soya Caviar

100ml water

150ml soya sauce

2g agar agar

1 litre vegetable oil, stored in the fridge

Dissolve the agar agar into the water by stirring; bring it to the boil to activate the alginate. Add the soya sauce and heat it back up to just under a boil. Syringe the soya liquid into the cold oil in a concentric circular motion, caviar balls should form and sink to the bottom of the oil. Strain the oil off and reserve it for next time, wash the excess oil off the caviar under running water. Transfer to a container and store until needed.


Apple & Cucumber Salsa

20ml diced Granny Smith apple

20ml diced cucumber

10ml diced red onion

2ml chopped coriander


20ml simple vinaigrette, 3:1 Vegetable oil to white wine vinegar, salt

Combine all the ingredients and serve at once.


Enoki Mushroom Tempura

50g corn flour, chilled

50g rice flour, chilled

50g wheat flour, chilled

1 soda water, chilled


4 small bunches of enoki mushrooms

Mix the flours together and add the soda water with a fork or chopsticks until it is a thin batter with a few lumps in it, we are looking for a consistency slightly thinner than cream. It is important that this batter is light and a little lumps as well as very cold, all these factors make for very crispy and light tempura. Dip the mushroom in the batter and add directly to the hot oil (180˚C), fork a little extra batter on the enoki once it has surfaced in the oil. Fry until golden, about a minute, then transfer to kitchen towel to absorb any excess oil and then place on the plate.


Avocado Mousse

1 avocado

1 lemon


Blend avocado with salt and some lemon to stop it discolouring, transfer to a piping bag and stor it in the fridge until needed.


Powdered dressing

125ml mirin

125ml soya sauce

10g bonito flakes

125ml water


Boil the mirin for a minute until all the alcohol has burned off. Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and steep for a further 10 minutes. Strain off the bonito flakes and reserve in the fridge. Freeze with liquid nitrogen and pound into a powder, serve the powder from a chilled copper pot at tableside.


To serve the dish

Make a nest of cooked buckwheat noodles in the middle of the plate, spoon some wasabi panacotta next to it and place some thinly sliced avocado over them both. Place 3 slices of tataki around the plate as well as one pile of salsa. Top the salsa with a freshly shucked oyster and a dollop of caviar. Dot the plate with avocado mousse and crispy seaweed as well as chive flowers. Place the tempura mushrooms up against the sliced avocado, drizzle the plate with olive oil and finish with a pinch of coarse sea salt ontop of the fish. Spoon the powdered dressing onto the plate and devour at once!

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