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Top Billing features the spectacular home of Thobekile Ndlovu

Top Billing features the home of Thobekile Ndlovu
Top Billing features the spectacular home of Thobekile Ndlovu

Our #TopBilling featured house this week is the home of Thobekile Ndlovu, a powerhouse entrepreneur lighting the way for women in the construction business. 

If there was ever some upper limit beyond which a woman in business was not supposed to go then Thobekile Ndlovu did not get the memo. This interior designer became a project manager, the award-winning owner of a construction company and of this week's stylish, featured family home.

Thobekile was always driven. Two years after graduating, while running her own interiors consultancy, she began to study Advanced Project Management. Within ten years she won Best Woman in Construction in the province and this year made Executive Board Member of the Master Builders Association.

Top Billing features the home of Thobekile Ndlovu 3

If the economy needs manufacturing to grow, this is the woman who wants to build the factories which provide those jobs. Where roads and bridges are needed to drive industry, she aims to be on site, building that infrastructure.

Thobekile builds everything from schools to libraries and offices, embracing the challenges which come with each.

Thobekile’s vision of developing and owning her own malls, hotels and estates is visible in the confident design of her and her husband Thulani Ndlovu’s Umhlanga Rocks home. The Balinese/ Mediterranean style with earthy, African textures is the design of
architectural consultant, Rowan Budhoo.

Top Billing features the home of Thobekile Ndlovu 2

The approach reflects ambition and in its finer details, the importance of marriage, family and community at the heart of everything which Thobekile builds.

The owner dresses her interiors as glamorously as herself but behind the luxury lies a wise strategy of investing in properties more than in cars. To spend time in Thobekile’s company is to understand that features like these are less about show and more to do
with her constantly pushing the boundaries of her work.

This woman’s journey to the heights of her profession began when she was an entrepreneurial schoolgirl selling snacks to boost her pocket money. Even then she was wise and systematic.

The gilded style Thobekile enjoys, reflects her celebration of life and hard work. One which is balanced by a commitment to family, her daughters Alwande and Sisande, her son and husband her Thulani Ndlovu.

Through her giving back forum Great Impact, Thobekile donates houses to homeless families, school shoes to the disadvantaged and at Christmas, food those less fortunate.

Under this roof, the children learn the value of hard work, of enjoying life and as their mother says – that they are blessed to become a blessing to others.


Thobekile Ndlovu
Thobethulani Trading

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