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Top Billing catches up with bridal couture expert Diaan Daniels

Top Billing attends the opening of Diaan Daniels' new bridal studio

Couture designer Diaan Daniels is well known for his incredible and striking work. As part of the opening of his new bridal studio Diaan took us on a tour of his incredible ‘one stop shop’ bridal heaven, which is essentially every bride’s dream come true.

Diaan Daniels Bridal fashion

What was just a house in Joburg until recently, has been entirely renovated into Diaan’s bridal showstopper. Together with expert design and interior architecture from his husband and business partner Shaun Brian Murphy, they’re any bride’s A-team.

Diaan Daniels Husband Shaun Brian Murphy

As someone who loved fashion from a young age, it was Diaan’s grandmother who inspired him to crochet and knit, which were the building blocks of his incredible career that has spanned 20 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Diaan Daniels Bridal fashion

With a successful career that is built on the back of hard work and raw talent, it is easy to believe that Diaan was so busy with commissions, he never finished fashion school.

To former Miss South Africa Bernelee Daniell and his other celeb clients – he didn’t need to.

Diaan Daniels Husband Shaun Brian Murphy lorna Maseko

As a student, Diaan’s fashion lecturer told him that only one percent of his class would make it. Today he is that one percent for many high-profile clients.

While the fashion industry is undeniably glamorous, behind the glam Diaan is driven by his father’s example as an entrepreneur, and his mother does his financials while he stays focused on design.

Diaan Daniels Bridal fashion Top Billing

His understanding of business can also be largely credited, and is one of the reasons Diaan saw beyond gowns to a gap in the market for tailor-made suits, which brought him high-profile male clients like recording artist Kurt Darren.

The Diaan Daniels brand shows no signs of slowing down, and will expand its ready to wear collection to Pretoria and the Cape while a London boutique already stocks his collection. 

For any bride that is planning her dream day, Diaan Daniels can help you achieve your fairytale wedding, you may just have to get in line first.

Diaan Daniels

SBM Emporium

Photos: One2One Group

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