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Top Billing Trains With Commonwealth Gold Medalist Henri Schoeman

Top Billing features Henri Schoeman 1

Evolving to win is what Henri Schoeman had to do to achieve his gold medal accolade

Winning gold is something many of us can only dream about. Even those of us who are active might never even receive the accolade of completing a triathlon. 
This is not the case for Henri Schoeman.  Jade Hubner joins the Commonwealth Games winner for a chat & a run, whom earlier this year took home the gold medal in the triathlon, but they’re not there to just discuss his triumph, but instead what it took the athlete to reach the games. 

Top Billing features Henri Schoeman 2
Finishing a triathlon is no simple feat as David had to complete a seven hundred and fifty-metre swim, followed by a twenty-kilometre cycle & finally the cherry on the top of it all - a five-kilometre run. 
Henri is the younger of two brothers & it was his brother Riaan Schoeman who swam his first Olympic Games at the tender age of eighteen! It was his older brother’s drive & discipline that motivated Henri & made him ravenous to achieve his similar accolade.
After their run Jade & Henri visit his apartment where the athlete has all his previous athletic achievements on display. It was a first-time achievement for an SA athlete to claim a podium position at the games and this is why it means so much Henri. 

Top Billing features Henri Schoeman 3
Jade learns that Henri had many obstacles to overcome. Including the time Henri finished forty-second in a race & subsequently had to undergo a nutrition change.  
The athlete has the loving support of his girlfriend Franzel Allen, who has supported him throughout his career & achievements. They met at the age of 19 & Franzel has since gone on to become his manager, while it is Henri’s father Joe Schoeman who completes the trifecta as his coach. 
It’s in the water that Henri feels most comfortable. A fish out of a water, Henri & Jade swim as Henri reflects upon his career. For most, managing one career is a challenge. Henri is a champion at three. He has to the best at cycling, swimming & running. 
Jade makes a valid prediction - “In a few years, we’ll be interviewing another young triathlon champion – and when we ask who their inspiration is, I guarantee they’ll simply say Henri Schoeman.  
We’re inclined to agree.

Henri Schoeman

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