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Top Billing Features The Enchanting Treehouse Of The Gluckmans

Dining Area Of The Home

This week's dream home location is the treehouse wonderland of the Gluckmans.

Whether you had a couple of planks crudely nailed to a tree or a tree-house that your father helped you construct, many of us had the pleasure of a tree-house as an escape into our imaginations. This week’s Top Billing location captures the nostalgia of tree-houses by achieving the same sense of wonder we felt as kids, except this time around the tree-house is built for adults.

Nick Gluckman & Robyn Gluckman’s home was inspired by a desire to allow guests to take in the beauty of the table mountain view whilst still enjoying their privacy, Ryle is told as he enters the burnt timber clad wing of the home.

The Gluckmans In Their Home

Growing up in the outdoors, Nick, an avid camper, angler & owner of a hardwood flooring company has a distinct connection to nature. Upon meeting his wife, Robyn, Nick found the perfect excuse to transform their home into their very own post-card wonderland. 

While Nick has a preference for modern, pared down design, Robyn brings her penchant for classic, French Provencal decor and the marriage of the two strikes the perfect balance. 

Ryle is taken on the grand tour of the home which boasts some pretty marvellous features including immaculate woodwork flooring which draws the eye down to the organic grain in the timber all the while being offset by the cool, clean lines of the steel & glass. 

The true conversation room of the home is the master bedroom of course. Every night Robyn & Nick take to the branches of the surrounding trees along with their furry friends, this being their five cats and three dogs. It’s wondrous to behold this luxurious escape as one is surrounded by the untamed beauty of the forest canopy.

Cat Sitting In Living Room 

Of course, Nick’s eccentric design & Robyn’s minimal approach to colour doesn’t always gel, so the couple employed the help of interior architects Zeanne Duminy & James Goss in order to refine the feel of the home. The two designers took the classic mood board approach and the final result was new & original and loved by both Robyn and Nick.

The Master Bedroom View

Then there’s the pool deck. Shaded by the leafy canopy in summer, evaporation is kept down to a minimum and the scattering of many a succulent makes for some very water-wise greening for the garden. The deck while rooted in the city makes one feel as if they were relaxing in the African bush. 


Nick Gluckman 
Oggie Hardwood Flooring

Interior Designer
Zeanne Duminy

Interior Designer
James Goss

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