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Luxury home features that take modern living to a whole new level

Luxury home features that take modern living to a whole new level

Luxury homes are considered to be the epitome of modern living. They’re all about providing the best of the best, but there are some features available that take luxury homes to a whole new level. We take a look at the trendiest high-end features that enhance the lifestyle of luxury buyers.

Luxury additions to modern homes

Wine Rooms
No longer are cellars a thing for those who own property dating back thousands of years. Today, luxury homebuyers are looking to purchase a home that already has a wine room in it, or looking to build a home that includes one. These wine rooms aren’t hidden away in a basement either; they’re strategically placed within the centre of the home to provide an entertainment experience like none other. With glass displays for wine collections, and beautifully designed bars and tasting areas, wine rooms have become a focal point for entertaining.

Wine room
Indoor-Outdoor Living
Living in South Africa, luxury homeowners have the perfect opportunity to entertain outdoors. But traditional porches and outdoor braai areas no longer make the cut. Outdoor spaces are an extension of the indoors, and outdoor living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms provide a new outdoor experience that allows the luxurious and modern feel of the home to spill out into the garden. Whether you’re looking for property for sale in Somerset West or beyond, indoor-outdoor living can be created on any luxury property.

Outdoor kitchen

Infinity Pools
Living in a home with a large swimming pool is no longer enough for the modern, luxury homeowner. The latest trend is to install an infinity pool, where the pool is built in a position that gives the impression that its water is merging into its background, usually the sea. While this isn’t a new trend in general, it is new for private homeowners. The idea is to merge nature and whatever is beyond the home, with the man-made pool. It’s perfect not just for those who live by the sea but for those who live on the slopes of a mountain range.

Infinity pool
For some of us, these features may be just a dream, but your luck could change. Enter the Win A Home - Season 5 competition and you might be the new owner of a house worthy of these features.

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