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Ayanda bungee-jumps with Jo-Anne Reyneke on Top Billing

Top Billing bungee jumps with Jo-Anne Reyneke

We caught up with the adventure-loving actress Jo-Anne Reyneke on the set of her latest gig, Isidingo, then challenged the self-described adrenaline junkie to an afternoon that required a leap of faith. She happily took the plunge… literally!

Top Billing Jo-Anne Reyneke Isidingo

Winning a SAFTA was validation for actress Jo-Anne – who saw that she was good at a profession which she set her heart on the day she first saw Brook Logan in The Bold and The Beautiful.

Now working on one of the most iconic South African soapies, she plays Lungi, a strong character and new widow who works as a business fixer.

Top Billing Jo-Anne Reyneke Isidingo

As a child in church, Joanne directed other kids in acting out bible stories. Now she leaves the directing to Nthabi Tau, who thinks Jo-Anne was the perfect fit for Lungi.

Sharing screen-time with Katlego Danke could go to one’s head, but Jo-Anne is just grateful to be a working actress.

According to Katlego, the two got on like a house on fire since day one, and their chemistry on-screen is incredible.

At first acting seemed as unassailable as the tower Ayanda and Jo-Anne jumped off while bungee jumping. Joanne’s bursary to film school fell through, so she returned to college where she then got a break on Muvhango - and did it her way.

The brave actress credits her single mother for her outgoing personality and teaching her to be fearless. Growing up as a tomboy, Jo-Anne has a passion for adventure, and has always wanted to try a bungee jump.She jokes that as a young girl, she spent more time breaking bones than breaking hearts. 

Top Billing Jo-Anne Reyneke Isidingo

When it came time to jump, Jo-Anne didn’t falter. Our guest star’s enthusiasm is infectious and Ayanda just had to follow.

When asked how the bungee jump lived up to her dream, Jo-Anne said it was one of the most incredible experiences of her life, after welcoming her two children.

The talented Ms. Reyneke always wanted to make her mother proud, and her own children are her other motivators. She wants her son Elakhe to respect women, and her daughter Uvo to have a positive female role model.

One of the ways Jo-Anne does this is by choosing to be around those who make her a better human being. Friends like Thando Thusi, who she met 21 years ago in Pietermaritsburg, keep her down to earth and treat her like a normal person.

As for her family, Jo is a force of nature, not pushing them or saying ‘follow me’ but walking life, right beside them.

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