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Win a copy of David Higgs Mile 8
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We join South African dancer Kayla Booth in Paris

Top Billing explores Paris with Kayla Booth
We join South African dancer Kayla Booth in Paris

To fully experience the parks, landmarks and café life of this more 2000- year-old city, you don’t want to spend half your time in taxis. So, Paris has come up with an ingeniously French solution.

Why join the crowds of 5 million people who get around on the underground Metro each day when you can take the Bustronome - and see the sights while Head Chef Nicolleau Sebastien cooks you a four-course lunch.
You amble around the capital at an easy ten kilometres an hour and by simply climbing up one deck, get a whole new perspective on the city.

Top Billing explores Paris with Kayla Booth 2

As the entrée was served and the tour began, our presenter was reminded of lines from a famous song. The Ballad of Lucy Jordan, which describes someone who realised, she'd never ride through Paris in a sports car. So, Chris dedicated his trip to Lucy Jordan and decided to enjoy it on her behalf.

While a cruise on The River Seine was once the only way to enjoy lunch while seeing the sights, the bus is not confined to the river and the menu seems limitless.

Top Billing explores Paris with Kayla Booth 3

Between courses, they offer talks on the history of the city dating back to Celtic times. Dishes are accompanied by classically Parisian songs and if you want to enjoy your own, private tour, they’ve got you covered.
The Bustronome does lunch, tea, a six-course dinner tour and if you happen to be in Paris on December 31st, they run a famous New Year’s Eve run.

While in town we wanted to catch up with a South African talent we introduced to Top Billing viewers earlier this year. Beating competition from around the world, Kayla Booth made it into the renowned Lido dance company and she’s since become Mrs. Kayla Rick.

Top Billing explores Paris with Kayla Booth 4

Kayla gets too little time to tour the city so we asked Alex Kaiser to show us around.
If you have a few Euros to spare, a local Parisian guide is like gold and will share the unseen side of their hometown.

Painters, writers and chefs from across the world have long chosen Paris as their creative home. The reasons are plain to see.



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