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We catch up with Riverdale stars Nathalie Boltt and Madchen Amick

Top Billing features Nathalie Boltt
Top Billing catches up with Riverdale stars Nathalie Boltt and Mädchen Amick 

Former Isidingo favourite Nathalie Boltt lands a fantastically villainous role on the hit international series Riverdale with Mädchen Amick of Twin Peaks fame!

The career of former Isidingo star Nathalie Boltt has hit top gear. Since moving to Canada, 
she’s landed a role as the arch villain on Riverdale, the international hit tv series based on the Archie Comics, and life in Vancouver is every bit as good as they say it is.

A sophisticated city on the Pacific Coast of Canada, Vancouver has a huge TV industry. Among the series being filmed here is a subversive take on the Archie comic characters and small town life. When Nathalie was cast in the show, Mädchen Amick of Twin Peaks fame was her co-star, they became friends and during filming Mädchen shares an apartment with Nathalie and her son Jupiter.

Nathalie’s on-screen daughter Cheryl is played by Madelaine Petsch whose own South African connection is that her parents are from here. As well as playing Alice Cooper on Riverdale, last year Madchen reprised her role in the Twin Peaks revival series so she is big news wherever they go.

As for film locations, Vancouver is the best. It’s consistently voted one of the world’s top five cities to live in. Although it is meant to have the mildest winters in Canada,
Madchen comes from sunny Nevada and Nathalie from Africa – so it’s hardly mild to them.

Part of Nathalie and Mädchen’s popularity with young women is that Riverdale is quite a feminist show with so many of the female characters having more powerful story lines than the comic books.

It is a job worth toasting as their co-stars on the show include Molly Ringwald of Breakfast Club fame and Luke Perry from Beverly Hills 90210. Best of all, they’ve
forged a great friendship.

In 2018, Tv shows are bigger than movies – they attract the best writers, top directors and in Nathalie they’ve recognized the finest talent. Not that we’re biased.

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