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Stephen Falcke A World Of Design
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Top Billing visits a seven star luxury hideaway

 Photo Credit: Chris Allan Photography

Top Billing visits a seven star luxury hideaway

Having first studied law Baronie Pretorius fell head over heels for fashion and interior design and as this weeks’ home will show it was her true calling.

 The owners of this beautiful home are a chartered accountant and attorney, married for thirty one years, whose work has seen them stay in top end establishments around the world. That experience of luxury and opulence is what they wanted in their home.

The brief involved taking an already upmarket address in an easy-living Umhlanga and create the feeling of a seven star hotel.

 Photo Credit: Chris Allan Photography

Contrasting colours and minimalist décor throughout the home is the key to the fresh, modern look. The detail in each individual piece stands out, from chairs to the light fixtures, each design has room to breathe.

The guest room is defined by rich, gold and black wall paper. It is a clear, dramatic contrast of dark and light echoed in the ornate fittings and finishes. The next bedroom has rich carpeting for the feel of a hotel suite with full length mirrors adding a sense of volume and space. The main bedroom is sheer opulence.

 Photo Credit: Chris Allan Photography

This home is how Baronie knows that she chose the right profession. Instead of drafting legal documents and spending all day in cold court houses, she gets to help clients realize their dreams and enjoy their lives.

The success of this home is a feel for indulgent textures and fabric, balanced out by a restrained, clean, modernist approach to design. In less skilled hands it could have gone over the top but house Baronie gets it spot on. 

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