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you are here: | Top Billing visits Nassau in the Bahamas on our amazing cruise

Top Billing visits Nassau in the Bahamas on our amazing cruise

Top Billing visits Nassau in the Bahamas

While on our incredible cruise, courtesy of Cruises International, we got to stop off at the beautiful island in the Bahamas, Nassau!

Top Billing visits the Bahamas

The James Bond movie Thunderball was filmed amidst these seascapes, which remain The Bahamas’ main drawcard. That said, a new focus on sustainable tourism has seen the opening of parks like the hardwood, evergreen, tropical forest we visited and explored with guide Trueranda Cox.

The beautiful forest has many indigenous plants with traditional medicinal values, and has the highest concentration of caves and sinkholes found on the island, some of which reveal the limestone foundation of the Bahamas which once formed part of Southern Florida and Northern Cuba.

Top Billing visits the Bahamas
When The British banned slavery two hundred years ago, the forested islands became a refuge for slaves from the Caribbean. These forests are becoming rare as a result of widespread logging, and this reserve is a result of people trying to save the natural landscape.

Conservation is now also central to classic island activities like diving and fishing. An incredible underwater 
sculpture park in Nassau, featuring the world's largest underwater statue, the 20ft tall Ocean Atlas, is another effort to promote conservation.

Top Billing visits the Bahamas

Ocean Atlas was created to draw visitors away from stressed natural reefs and to show the responsibility we all share.The sculptures are all PH neutral material, meaning marine life can recolonise the area.

A member of this forward-thinking generation is Bradley Watson who was a sustainability consultant until his father asked him to help with the family restaurant.

Over a delicious traditional meal, in part inspired by his grandmother, we learned about the incredible island, and wondered where we would go next!

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Primeval Forest

Ocean Atlas underwater installation

Clifton Heritage National Park  
Halcyon Restaurant Bar and Lounge

Photos: Seymour Brugger

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