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Top Billing tours an Irish home in Claremont

Modern architecture with a Celtic heart. Top Billing tours a stunning Claremont home

Property developer Brendan O’Brein knows exactly what people want when it comes to building beautiful residential estates. So when it was time to build his own home, it was bound to be spectacular.

Top Billing Claremont house

 Architect David Peerutin’s design is new and distinctive, but it also respects the old neighbourhood and being surrounded by grass and well-established trees, it fits right in.

The design reflects two sides of Brendan, who is the owner of Urban Space property group. With his Irish roots comes a culture of tradition and he has kept with the white-plastered and shuttered style of the area, while also embracing beautiful modern elements.

Family and heritage are strong themes– from framed photos of Brendan’s two sons to the Celtic Cross which dominates the room. Interior architect Renee de Waal is used to blending elements like these into the architecture, and she grew up as the child of owner-builders – constantly learning to reimagine spaces.

Top Billing Claremont house

Her incredible eye and imagination led to one of the house’s main focal points, a beautiful celtic cross with rare Versace plates embedded in it.

The stunning main lounge features different textures and elements like the incredible statement couch designed specifically and made to consolidate the architecture.

Brendan didn't leave it all to Renee though, and there are lovely ersonal touches like the framed image of his mother and his incredible vinyl collection.

Another stunning component of the home is the unique wallpaper which adds instant personality. One such example is the master bathroom.

Top Billing Claremont house

The open gallery walkway leads the way to the teenage boys' rooms and the beautiful master suite with a private lounge area.

Top Billing Claremont house

Brendan’s favourite room however is the kitchen, which is a stunning focal point that brings the family together over a meal.

Top Billing Claremont house

While Brendan left home in his mid-teens, the comforts he’s laid on for his own teenage sons make this a house you wouldn’t leave in a hurry.

Urban Space Property Group

Xperience Makers - interior design

Peerutin Architects

Photos: Sally Wellbeloved

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