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Top Billing meets content creator Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow

Top Billing meets fashion anthropologist Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow

Back from studying in the Big Apple and gaining her Masters in Fashion Studies, Kenny Jules Morifi- Winslow is a writer and content creator who has worked on campaigns for big brands, published her first book at twenty three and designed her own apartment.

Top Billing Kenny Jules Morifi Winslow

Inspired by the Soho lofts in New York, her Johannesburg home is a chic blend of industrial styling with interesting and warming features. The space doubles as both her home and office space and is a ready-made studio for the fashion photography or food segments she posts on her blog ‘the 3rd Citizen’. For a creative, this is the ultimate, multi-purpose apartment.

Top Billing Kenny Jules Morifi Winslow

The style of the apartment matches her personal fashion style, which includes minimalist colours and styles accentuated with beautiful and interesting pieces.

Home was always more of an idea than an address for a child who grew up wherever the work of her mother or her studies took her, from Cape Town to Singapore, London and New York.

Top Billing Kenny Jules Morifi Winslow

Her decision to move back to South Africa from New York was not an easy one, but with her studies focusing largely on South Africa and fashion in the African context, it made complete sense.

As a fashion anthropologist, Kenny lives her subject. An anthropologist studies the daily habits and values of human beings and her speciality is the role of fashion in our lives, jobs, communities and politics.

Top Billing Kenny Jules Morifi Winslow

Kenny likes to focus on how fashion deals with the hands-on mechanics and ethics of how we make clothes – as symbolised in some of the incredible pieces in her apartment, including a hand-carved Malian textile stamp that is used to manually print patterns on fabrics and textiles.

Top Billing Kenny Jules Morifi Winslow

Her passion for her subject is evident in her work, which can be found on her blog The 3rd Citizen or in her photobook published in collaboration with Orms.

Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow


The Third Citizen 


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