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Top Billing meets Michael B. Jordan

Ayanda meets Hollywood star Michael B. Jordan to discuss his new movie

Boxing fans and movie lovers can be glad that one of the year’s most highly anticipated sequels, Creed II, is finally here!

Top Billing Michael B. Jordan Creed II

The plot of the movie centres around Adonis. the son of former champion Apollo Creed from the Rocky franchise who died in a title fight with Russia’s Ivan Drago thirty years ago. In Creed II, Drago’s son challenges Adonis to what is effectively a rematch, sparking an emotional story with some incredible choreographed boxing.
Ayanda got to spend time with some of the stars who still can’t believe they’re now part of this legendary sporting drama.

Top Billing Michael B. Jordan Creed II

Returning in the starring role of Adonis Creed was Hollywood star Michael B Jordan who had to prepare both physically and emotionally for the intense fight scenes and emotional story line, but says returning to the role was easy because of his connection to Adonis.

Boxer Florian Munteanu portrays the antagonistic figure of Drago, and brings both incredible technical boxing skill and emotional complexity to the role.

Top Billing Michael B. Jordan Creed II

At the helm of the film is director Steven Caple Junior, who had the interesting job of turning boxer Florian Munteanu into an actor and star Michael B. Jordan into a boxer.

The director is the first in his family to go to university, and film is his vehicle for spreading that opportunity.
According to Steven, the current American political situation was a huge influence in his direction of the film, and the main reason he took it on. He ultimately hopes the film is a game changer for the film industry as himself and his team use the platform they’ve been given to portray strong and inspirational characters of colour in the film.

As for Michael, he wants the audience to feel inspired and that they can do anything. With the giants of Rocky IV again going head to head from the shadows, and the son of Apollo Creed on a collision course with destiny, whatever the ticket price is – we’ll take two.


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