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Top Billing invites you to an organic masterpiece of a home

Top Billing invites you to an organic masterpiece of a home

Natalie Moore won The Gerard Sekhoto Prize for art, she is an international model, a graduate in architecture and designer of this dream home which she created for her parents. 

 Capturing images around the desert ghost town of Kolmanskop, Namibia at a time when she felt her life had run into a dry season. Natalie turned that negative into a positive by creating a solo exhibition titled ‘Sandman’ displaying the fearless dream state you enter in the desert.

Natalie’s photography has seen her win a three month art residency in Paris but before she left, she finished this house in Johannesburg which she spent the last four years building with her father, Les Moore - an electrical engineer.

The build taking nearly fifty months to complete as father and daughter took almost nothing off the shelf. Instead, they tackled the smallest and biggest details as if this was a sculpture.

The guest bathroom introduces life through hanging greenery and mixes industrial, copper plumbing with a classic, mirror in gold leaf.

Les made a wood and steel dining room table which Natalie paired with a combination of ghost chairs and reupholstered French antiques.

A very honest design and true to the materials, electrical conduits are not concealed and an array of bulbs hang as pendant lights. As for sunlight, Natalie takes a cue from church architecture.

Natalie makes a feature of every design choice. So you notice and warm to the simple texture of timber, off shutter concrete or leather with individual pieces enjoying the space to shine.

When it comes to taking a soak, the family design team sourced antique baths, re-enamelled inside, with a rust paint exterior. Exposed copper piping lends a warm, atmosphere and in her parents’ room, Natalie wows us with a dramatic choice in simple materials.

 The interiors were part of the vision from the moment the house was first conceived. With so much thought going into the smallest elements of design.

If this is what Natalie has achieved in her twenties, it is hard to put any limit on where she will be in five years.

Watch the preview:

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