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Top Billing goes behind the scenes of the Enchanted Cirque

Top Billing goes behind the scenes of the Enchanted Cirque

A girl in a bubble, upside down archery with your feet and creative ways to use cutlery this show boasts acts from across the globe and its roots are South African. Producer Sebastian Cassie’s family left here for New Zealand when he was four. An attorney who gave up law for circus production, he founded The Enchanted Circus with partner Michael Carrigan.

The homegrown stars of this circus include strength duo Leda Wight and Jenny Le Roux and singers Noa Milan and Ashtevhaan Mintoor. While Australia’s Tom McKinnon is impossible to miss.

Living on a knife-edge as a profession, are Andrei Gommonov and Dahria Sheremêt of Belarus.

From acts which catch your breath, this circus also captivates audiences with how far you can take our fascination with bubbles. Italy’s Thomas Favaro is known as a bubble- master. One of a rare group of artists who can do this.

When you can make these with simply soap, water and imagination, you don’t have to say very much at all.

Not to be upstaged by bubbles, the U.K.’s Orissa Kelly brings an act of foot archery, acrobatics and contortion which has seen her labelled as Britain’s Hot Bendy Cupid. Once you figure which side of her act is up, she has a great story to tell.

Orissa’s skill with a bow has seen her star in the blockbuster Wonder Woman but Jade was still understandably nervous.

Most of the show will have you holding your breath. With the thrills coming at you from every angle, it can take half an hour getting a sip of your drink from your glass to your lips. It is pure entertainment, runs near Cape Town Stadium, Wednesdays to Saturdays until December - and should not be missed.

To book your seat to the amazing performance visit:

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