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you are here: | Top Billing features the wedding of chef Jackie Cameron

Top Billing features the wedding of chef Jackie Cameron

Jackie Cameron wedding on Top Billing
Photographer: Peter Wickham 

Top Billing features the wedding of renowned chef Jackie Cameron

A brave Chef Jackie Cameron puts her first year cooking students in charge of her wedding menu! 

Leading chef Jackie Cameron has full confidence in the students at her School of Food and Wine. She is so confident in their skills that at her wedding to Ben Wessels, Jackie left her first years in full control of the menu.

Jackie Cameron wedding on Top Billing 2
Photographer: Peter Wickham 

As a Head Chef Jackie Cameron has taken restaurants to the top five nationwide, published best selling cookbooks, appeared on several international cooking shows and started her own School of Food and Wine in Hilton Kwa-Zulu Natal. Which was also to be the venue for her wedding to Ben Wessels.

Initially the bride was stressing with what she describes as an over the top wedding menu cooked with modern techniques – until, she had a brainwave.
The beef fillet with asparagus in a red wine sauce and the smoked salmon terrine would be the responsibility of Katherine Cousins.

Jackie always maintained that she was the best at being single but when she met Ben and then saw the loyalty, integrity, love and care he has for his mom and family, she knew he was the one.

Jackie Cameron wedding on Top Billing 3
Photographer: Peter Wickham 

The best man was Brett Thomson, a friend who Ben met seventeen years ago whilst they were both working in Ireland and who flew in for the wedding.
For their honeymoon they travel to The Kruger Park then Tulbagh and like their marriage, take it as a journey – which began down the aisle.

Guests enjoyed local award winning beers on tap, craft gins, specially created sorbets and surprises like lamb bunny chow with a mini loaf. 

Food and hospitality is taxing on personal relationships and one quality the bride so values in the groom is his unusual level of understanding of the demands of her career. Ones which chef Anna Trapido is familiar with.

What Jackie thought was initially a standard guy meets girl in a pub story has turned into a relationship which every one of the guests is inspired by and sees as cause for a lifetime of celebration.


Peter Wickham

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