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Top Billing features a dream home by architect Buhle Mathole

Home by architect Buhle Mathole
Top Billing features a dream home by architect Buhle Mathole

Our Top Billing home this week is a design dream come true for owner Sheryl Maharaj. When her IT career took off, her dream became a reality with a little help from architect Buhle Mathole, and Sheryl tried her hand at the interiors!

Maps was about to meet a career woman, wife and mother of two who for years has 
quietly practiced her interior design on the couple’s previous houses as well as those of
family. With the Maharaj’s latest home by architect Buhle Mathole, Sheryl’s increasingly professional abilities are now shining. Not as an amateur talent but a fully developed skill set which shaped every part of the interior architecture, furniture and finishes.

Home by architect Buhle Mathole 3

Sheryl took on every challenge, from the steel of the house to the meticulous detail of her neutral toned kitchen. A wooden table for the children to do homework merges with a rugged stone countertop – and a high tech, push down extractor fan ensures these finishes are as neat as the integrated appliances behind them.

Home by architect Buhle Mathole 4

Sheryl and her husband Mickey Maharaj agreed that the home cinema should be a 
place for family time and they keep its use to an hour on school-nights and to weekends.

Mickey and Sheryl’s bedroom is luxurious and opulent but still cozy and welcoming. Most weekends you’ll find 13 year old Daniella and 4 year old Kayden in here with their mom and dad, watching movies or telling stories.

Home by architect Buhle Mathole 2

The unseen design element in her home is space. For all the features and fittings, Sheryl has ensured that there’s a sense of breathing room and freedom of movement – the ultimate luxury.

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