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Top Billing enjoys a delicious food and gin pairing with Tanqueray

We continue our tour of beautiful London on Top Billing

As a part of our tour of Tanqueray gin's rich history, Lorna got to explore the incredible city of London!

History books are too dry a way to learn how this spirit developed, and which eras defined it. So we met up with gin historian Joanne McKerchar, who told us the story through a magnificent collection of period gins.

Top Billing Tanqueray London

The distictive Tanqueray London Dry bottle hasn't always looked that way, and was designed in 1948 to look like a cocktail shaker! An important design element is the pineapple at the top of the bottle, which is a nod to the Tanqueray family crest.

Top Billing Tanqueray London

The rise of the gin cocktail coincided with a famous, twenties design style that influenced the Tanqueray no. 10 bottle, which is inspired by the art deco era, and has a citrus press-looking bottom as a tribute to the citrus notes.

The iconic red seal is a special tribute to Charles Tanqueray, and is meant to be his seal of approval. 

Top Billing Tanqueray London

A keen traveller, Charles Tanqueray’s gins are today served at Mr. Fogg’s - a bar inspired by the lead character from Around The World in Eighty Days. Cary Patyk is their gin expert, and he showed Lorna it's incredible gin collection, one of the most impressive in London.

Tanqueray Brand Ambassador and mixologist Jack Sotti met up with Lorna again and treated her to an amazing flavour pairing he’d set up with Mike Reid - the Culinary Director of the award-winning M Restaurant and M Raw bar. From pork to sashimi, this indredible gin goes well with any taste.

Top Billing Tanqueray London
Beyond the traditional cocktail hour, gin has become more and more of a beverage to enjoy with meals. Especially popular as a compliment to seafoods, it is just as good with curries, tarts, quiches and cured meats.

Well Lorna had an amazing time in this beautiful and historic city, Tanqueray's history is set to take her to a few more incredible places!

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