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Top Billing catches up with Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters in New York

Miss Universe Demi-Leigh in New York 1
Top Billing catches up with Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters in New York

This week, in a Top Billing exclusive, we visit our beautiful Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters in her Miss Universe apartment in New York! 

Where’s the centre of the Universe? Well, until Elon Musk colonizes the planets, it’s New 
York city – where Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters reigns supreme and where Jeannie D joined in the discovery of her new home town.

Miss Universe Demi-Leigh in New York 2

Living in Manhattan allows Demi-Leigh to fly anywhere, worldwide, on any given day – and since moving here, she’s barely been home. It’s a big city for someone who grew up in Sedgefield but the Business Management graduate from North West University is settling in nicely.

One day she’s packing meals for a U.S. charity, the next she’s in Indonesia.

Miss Universe Demi-Leigh in New York 3

With a million people now following her, Miss Universe does need to spend a little longer 
than most - getting ready. Both on Instagram and her daily interactions with New Yorkers, Demi-Leigh is an open book. She reflects a woman as at home on a fashion shoot or at a Manhattan restaurant as she is discussing tough social topics from disability to car-jacking. She is relatable and it’s winning her many friends.

Miss Universe Demi-Leigh in New York 4

In her short time here, Demi-Leigh has already walked for American label Sherri Hill at New York Fashion Week. With the title comes an extraordinary schedule of events. As well as charity drives, the Superbowl in Minneapolis and a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Demi-Leigh was a celebrity guest at the Black Panther, Welcome to Wakanda show as part of New York Fashion Week. This is where we meet Miss U.S.A. Kara MCcullough.

The Black Panther superhero theme and Demi’s Unbreakable campaign to empower women came together in a perfect fit.

It’s quite a balancing act – mixing with movie stars one minute then pressing for progress on Women’s rights the next day. If anyone is up to the job, it’s this achiever.

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