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COSMO Sexy Man 2019
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Top Billing catches up with African cosplay champ Tayla Barter

Cosplay champion Tayla Barter talks to Top Billing

Tayla Barter Cosplay

Comic Con Africa held its inaugural event recently and cosplayers came out in full force. Though many dressed up purely for fun others took it seriously, most likely motivated by the incredible prizes up for offer!
First prize for the Comic Con Africa Championships of Cosplay went to Tayla Barter, and as a result she will represent Africa in the 2019 C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago.
We caught up with Tayla to discuss her love of Cosplay and her plans for the future.
How did you first get in to Cosplay?

I went to my first convention in 2011, I saw cosplay for the first time in person and though it was amazing so I wanted to try it myself! The following year at the same event I finally gave it a shot and just put a costume together from clothing I already had.
How much time did you spend on your Comic Con Africa costume?
 My cosplay took 5 weeks to make. I did also add to it and fix up some elements over the last few months too.
What was your inspiration for your costume?

I am a huge armor crafting fan, I prefer to do big builds over sewing costumes. So when I saw the sister of battle I just fell in love and knew I had to make one. Who doesn't love a girl in huge armor?
Do you have ideas for what you will wear when you represent Africa in Chicago?

I will probably add more to my existing costume and just try make it better for chicago next year!
Cosplay legend Yaya Han judged the competition, what was she like?

She is absolutely wonderful! I have admired her for so many years and to finally be able to meet her and get to speak to her was an incredible experience. 

What was your reaction when you heard that you won?

I burst into tears when I found out! Happy tears, I was just so overwhelmed.

What are you most excited about for Chicago?

I'm most excited about being able to spend time with other competitors and make new friends while I'm there.

What are your goals moving forward?

My goals for cosplay moving forward are just to try keep doing what I'm doing now, continue to grow, continue to make it a viable business for myself, and continue to have fun.

Tayla Barter Yaya Han Cosplay

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Top photographs: Eric Solomon

Bottom photographs: Right: Jay Caboz Left: Brian Boling


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