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Top Billing Attends The Curson Prinsloo Wedding

This week we attend the dream wedding of Richard Curson & Hein Prinsloo.
Meeting someone & falling in love is like lightning striking and changing your world the minute you meet your significant other. Suddenly nothing seems impossible anymore and this is exactly what happened when Richard Curson met Hein Prinsloo and now they’re about to tie the knot!

Wedding Reception 

Richard & Hein run a successful PR agency together representing royalty & celebrities. They also produce TV series & have co-published books together with a strong emphasis on job creation & opportunities in South Africa. One could say that this couple is a dream team.

The Newlyweds Walking Into The Reception

After their fairytale meeting, Richard had to return to the UK but during these six months apart they spoke daily. Richard went as far as to cook dinner every night, while Hein watched via facetime.

So where would a power couple of this stature want to tie the knot? A free date opened up at the Bushveld Pond Wedding Venue. The coupled jumped at the opportunity to say their vows at this postcard venue & enlisted the help of wedding planner Linda Lubisi Motsuenyane.

The Ceremony Chapel

For all the bells & whistles needed for their big day, the pair chose close PR clients to help out. It became a sort of family affair for them having such closely knit people contribute to the ceremonies. Ann Malinga was just one of these “family” members who contributed to the stunning day by creating some refreshingly, alternative floral designs with the conversation piece being a rose wall altar.

The couple decided to support local by opting to have their dashing suits designed by local designers with an emphasis on traditional British attire meets African flair.

Suiting Up

Hein & Richard have come so far together already that all their friends & family see nothing but success in their future. Living by their mantras of what matters to them, the couple also chose a pastor who is blind & selected a charity for the deaf to benefit from their wedding. This is the inclusive, generous & principled nature which both Hein & Richard share and why Hannantjie Prinsloo, Hein’s mother immediately warmed up to her son in law.

Signing The Wedding Book

Richard & Hein hope to raise a family and we can safely say that humans of such good nature will make for exceptional parents.

Prinsloo Curson Associates:
Bushveld Pond Wedding Venue:
Ann Malinga:
Linda Lubisi Motsuenyane (Chic Celebrations):
All Photographs By Monique De Paiva:

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