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Rapper Solo and the BETR Gang appear on Top Billing

Rapper Solo and the BETR Gang tell Top Billing about their creative process

After matric, Zothile Langa – better known as Solo – was on his way to being a chartered accountant until he realised music was his calling.

Top Billing Solo and the BETR Gang

Leaving his studies to pursue music may have seemed daunting for the artist, but it had been a long time coming. The name Solo had already stuck since primary school, where he would try keep up with the older musical kids all on his own while spitting bars.

As tough of a business as music is, the musician has never felt like giving up, though he admits to moments where he doubted his artistic decisions, just as he might have been second-guessing his paragliding with Harmony.

Top Billing Solo and the BETR Gang

Leaving behind the career safety net of accounting was a move Solo knew he had to make if his music was ever to get off the ground. Before doing so, he’d read up extensively on the music industry, how it operates, as well as the laws that govern it.

To this theory he added the practical habit of shadowing artists and asking questions. Being such a fan of the process of music has paid off in how much he gets out of every hour spent rehearsing with his band or recording in studio.

The hard work all paid off, and the rapper is currently recording the third in a trilogy of studio albums with his production team The BETR Gang. This one will be titled “C Plenty Dreams” and is the culmination of eight years in development.

Top Billing Solo and the BETR Gang

The collaboration started years ago and grew over time as the group developed their musical style.

In an industry as cut throat as music, it’s easy to lose yourself in the need to be competitive. The group credits their success to remaining true to themselves while busy with their creative process, and say the most important thing is that they like their work before they look for the approval of others.

This appreciation of creative integrity is sure to keep Solo and the BETR Gang as one of the groups to watch for years to come!

Solo: @IAmSolo


The Betr Gang: @betr_gang


Skywalk Paragliding and Paramotor School


082 322 1824

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