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Obstacle course racing champ Carina Marx catches up with Top Billing

Obstacle course racing champion Carina Marx catches up with Top Billing

Obstacle Course Racing - or OCR - is a gruelling blend of cardio and strength training that
requires plenty of stamina and lots of grit. Fortunately, that’s something which our South
African OCR champion Carina Marx has in abundance.

Carina Marx Obstacle Course Racer Top Billing  This multi-disciplinary competition combines elements of every sport which Carina grew up loving. By grade seven, she was already a medal winning, national swimmer but her search continued for a different challenge – of strength, perseverance, technical ability and cardio.

Once she found her niche, competition at elite level took her from Europe to the Americas and made her a name internationally. She is a sports fanatic (hardly a surprise) and loves to work out while incorporating her obstacle course racing techniques. She also includes them when she works professionally as a personal trainer.

Carina Marx Obstacle Course Racer Top Billing

Originally from rural KwaZulu Natal, Carina moved to Joburg fifteen years ago.

Here she has balanced her personal training career with international OCR competition. Now, this leading OCR athlete has found that Crossfit is another sport in which she is ideally equipped to compete. This incredibly tough athlete has the mental capacity and discipline to tackle the sport the same way she did obstacle course racing.

For three hours, three times a week, Shane Coutss of Ghetto crossfit coaches this premiere athlete and after fifteen years as a personal trainer, she still finds much to learn.

But she’s not all work and no play, a fan of Superbike champion Valentino Rossi, Carina’s involvement with motorsport began with husband Jeremy Reingold and fellow bikers like Jason Wessels.

When she’s not out on her bike with Jeremy, a treat is to visit her mother, best friend and former teacher Mrs. Rina Marx, back home in KZN. 

Carina Marx Obstacle Course Racer Top Billing

For the future, her goal is to get to the Crossfit Games and once she makes it, we expect a podium finish. There isn’t an obstacle invented which Carina cannot get over, around or through.

She's dynamite and to anyone going up against her at the CrossFit games, we say – sorry for you.

Carina Marx:

Ghetto Crossfit:

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