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you are here: Last week's Show | Mrs SA Candice Abrahams talks about growing up as a teen

Mrs SA Candice Abrahams talks about growing up as a teen

Mrs SA Candice Abrahams talks about growing up as a teen

This Thursday on Top Billing, S.A.’s first Mrs. World Candice Abrahams helps women and young girls beat their odds

Candice Abrahams

This one’s for any teenage girl getting bullied or having issues with your skin - not being the prettiest girl in class or struggling to fit in. High-school was just like that for Candice Abrahams, today she’s Mrs. World and our question is – what happened in between?

The Mrs. World field included women from the age of twenty five to forty nine. Doctors, lawyers, all stunners, and Candice’s win showed how far this once bullied, angst-filled teen has come. Roxy joined her for the mother of all workouts with Tamerin Jardine.

It was only once the too tall schoolgirl with problem skin grew into her lanky frame and began modelling, that her confidence grew. Today, Candice’s figure is much envied and she keeps it that way.

Candice Abrahams

Rambunctious seven year old Taai is like his mother. Now eleven, his sister Samia takes after their easy going father, Metro FM] DJ Ismail Abrahams. His self assurance has helped Candice become a confident MC too.

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