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Melissas celebrates 21 years of business

Melissa's celebrates 21 years of business

Now that spring has officially sprung, and flowers are starting to bloom, it's the perfect time to take a peek into the garden of an inspiring entrepreneurial woman. Melissa van Hoogstraten hasn't just made a name for herself in the restaurant business, she's put it all over her food stores, and her garden is just as impressive.  

This is the twenty first anniversary of the year that Melissa and her husband Mark van Hoogstraten opened the first of their quality food stores. They were a recently married couple then. Today, from their thriving smallholding, they’re a family of three children, five dogs, a blossoming business with over a dozen stores, more opening this year and here is where much of their inspiration is born. 

Inspired by what she calls her simple life around nature, this renowned entrepreneur also writes a blog in which her gardening experience is a major feature.

Melissa’s blog recently made several suggestions on what to plant this October for the best, seasonal ingredients in your home-cooking. As well as vegetable and herb ideas, she has much to share on plants which can survive the water shortage.

When she isn’t busy managing her four hundred staff, opening a new store or travelling for research, you’ll find this unassuming business woman here, trying something new with plants.

If you’ve found a dish or drink at her outlets that you have never tasted before, it was probably born here.

As a child, this future dynamo was always baking, cooking, making things and wrapping little gifts. That passion never went away and so Melissa's was a natural way for her to earn a living doing what she loved.

To try out some of her amazing products visit:

Watch the preview:

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