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Meet cover man and food app inventor Dale Leisegang

Meet cover man and food app inventor Dale Leisegang

He is the engineer and model behind uKitchen - the exciting food app – putting top chefs from our nation on call in your kitchen.

Dale Leisegang

It used to be enough to have one claim to fame – not anymore. Dale Leisegang is a model on covers worldwide; he’s a qualified engineer and now the man’s developed a cooking app that could be to food what that famous ‘b’nb’ app is to accommodation.

Dale’s routine is three sweat classes a week, alternate days of weight training and a bit of boxing or soccer now and then. He makes the most of living in a city of such rich food and wine diversity and a good surf is Dale’s way to shake off a late night or long weekend. More recently, his late nights have been related to his newest venture.

Dale Leisegang

The app allows chefs to create their own virtual restaurant, menu, prices and times they’re available to cook. Guests viewing the app can select a chef like Lapo Magni / choose the menu they like and decide whether they’ll take the dine-in or pick up options.

With the sharing economy sky-rocketing Dale and chefs like Lapo believe there is a huge market for this. Who wouldn’t want the privilege of learning the art of homemade butternut and ricotta ravioli, down to making your own pasta dough.

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