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GoodLuck shows Top Billing their amazing new Cape Town space

Top Billing tours GoodLuck's new recording studio

When Ben Peters, Jules Harding and Matthew O’Connell’s band began in the garage of Ben’s childhood home, they called themselves GoodLuck. The name worked, the band was a hit and they now have a studio most musicians dream of!

Top Billing GoodLuck

Years of producing irresistible Afrobeat hooks blended with electronic jazz have bought Goodluck their independence and they have just opened their stunning new Cape Town recording studio and headquarters. The space is perfect for them to write and produce music and is also the head office of their label, Get Lucky Records.

Top Billing GoodLuck

The studio is also perfect for the band’s collaboration with Bridges for Music School, a music college in Langa that aims to uplift young artists and help them to the next level of their musical future.

Top Billing GoodLuck

As for their own future, the band will soon be touring again in the UK, Netherlands and Germany and they also have songs to finish. Fans can look forward to them being as good as previous tracks like ‘Be Yourself’, which Juliet wrote to remind people to be the most authentic version of themselves despite negative influences like social media.

Top Billing GoodLuck

Songs that connect personally with listeners are the band’s proudest achievements, though awards like their 2017 SAMA for Best Pop Album don’t hurt either.

Top Billing GoodLuck

Known for live improvisation, GoodLuck constantly incorporate new influences, which extends to their innovative studio design that features a catamaran inspired by their time in the Seychelles, a moveable staircase, and a stunning kitchen.

The band mixes it up and innovates live on-stage and in the kitchen - where menus are flexible and open to experimentation.  It’s become an important part of the ritual for them, and they often cook home-made meals for each other to compensate for the time often spent living on the road and in Air BnBs.

Their best recipe though is still Ben producing beats, Juliet on vocals and song-writing and Matthew on synths and saxophone!


Bridges for Music:

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