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Chef Bertus Basson treats Top Billing

Top Billing dines with top chef Bertus Basson

Ryle caught up with culinary maestro Bertus Basson at two of his six restaurants (as well as at home) where he found something delicious in every kitchen!

Top Billing Bertus Basson

The many restaurants of Chef Basson reflect his varied interests. From his signature dining experience at Overture, to a wine bar and even a burger joint. He may not have finished high school, but food, some great chefs, and countless happy customers have been his education.

Named after the oak city of Stellenbosch, Eike is the latest addition to Chef’s collection of restaurants. He opened it in the same year as writing his second book Being Bertus Basson and he’s been filming season three of his hit cooking show.

Top Billing Bertus Basson

It’s not hard to pinpoint the secret to the chef’s success, Bertus innovates, but in a way that customers can still relate to the core ingredients and flavours in the dish.

On par with his own entrepreneurial drive and love for his work, Bertus credits his wife Mareli Basson as being central to the success of all that he turns his hand to. She’s quite the chef too!

The two met when Bertus was working at a hot dog caravan called The Worsrol, and when she visited his restaurant Overture, they realised they actually knew each other from their childhood days in Nelspruit.  

Top Billing Bertus Basson

At their wedding four years ago, that worsrol featured again as they gave each guest a cook book with recipes of the wedding and other dishes which told the story of their relationship.

Their little boy Theodore joined their family of 7 chicken, 3 dogs and a pig, a few of whom have a place of honour represented on Bertus’ skin with tattoos.

Bertus can’t believe the fun he has being a dad, hanging out together in their veggie garden along with Spek, one of his best friends, and a rather large pig.  

The restaurants, books and TV shows reflect a real, original South African chef and his life. That’s why they work.

Photos: Claire Gunn Photography

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