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At home with wedding maestro Aleit Swanepoel

At home with Aleit Swanepoel 1
At home with wedding maestro Aleit Swanepoel

Young Kateline Swanepoel is getting to grow up in an incredibly creative environment - her father is wedding maestro Aleit Swanepoel and this week on Top Billing we share their story.

At home with Aleit Swanepoel 2

His house in Somerset-West is Aleit’s reward for a career in the service industry which began when he was fourteen. From restaurant manager to running events for the wine industry to launching his own company seventeen years ago, his name is a benchmark in weddings, events and as a result – in décor and design too.

At home with Aleit Swanepoel 3

From Aleit’s wedding work comes an ability to quickly envision and transform spaces to suggest a feel, a period and energy. It’s an invaluable skill, used in different ways for each room in his home.

At home with Aleit Swanepoel 4

His black grand piano is his pride & joy. Vintage chandeliers are a minor obsession and he loves nothing more than hunting for antiques. Aleit prefers the challenge of decorating smaller spaces, going with his gut feel for what works and changing looks - seasonally.

At home with Aleit Swanepoel 5

Despite Aleit’s success, he works in an industry of impossible deadlines, late hours and where burn out is common. Central to his staying the course is not only his happy temperament but the personal joy and meaning he has found in raising his daughter Kateline. 

At home with Aleit Swanepoel 6

For a wedding and events maestro, who sets out every morning to create the happiest day in other people’s lives, it is heart-warming to see he’s found so much joy in his own life.

At home with Aleit Swanepoel 7

They’re similar in respects, completely different in others but together – what a great dad and daughter team they make.


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